Retail Ready Jobs Program

Giving employers the edge – find job ready talent efficiently through this industry leading program.

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A way to recruit that makes a difference


Meet Samantha

“I’ve always admired how retail attendants interact with customers and are always happy to help others. Seeing that makes me want to be in their shoes.”


Meet Jaspreet

“I will make sure that every customer walks out of the store with a smile on their face.”


Meet Roseanne

“I enjoy communicating with others; I am very motivated to succeed and love to take up challenges.”

Take the guess work
out of recruitment

  • Requirement 1

    An interest in retail or a hobby that may relate to a retailer

  • Requirement 2

    A willingness to engage in conversation with someone they may not know

  • Requirement 3

    The motivation to learn and be challenged to demonstrate new skills and become job ready

  • Requirement 4

    A level of self-awareness that ensures they can present professionally

Finding your new job pathway just got easier.