Why Retail Ready

Stand out - retail skills, experience and connections that lift your resume to the top of the pile.

The Retail Ready Jobs Program provides an entry level employment pathway for you into the retail industry.

The combination of knowledge based training and practical work placement provides the opportunity to learn the skills on the job that are required to get you employed.

  • Kick start a career with an
    entry level retail position
  • Retrain to use skills from
    other industries in new ways within retail
  • Pick up the skills through retail that are
    transferable to other industries in the future

The Stats

1 in 10 working Australians have found their fit with a career in retail - Retail Ready Jobs Program makes this opportunity available to you too.

  • #1
    private sector
  • 1.3 million
  • 140,000
    retail business
  • $265 billion
    sales turnover
    in australia

How it works

This may be the best investment of 5 weeks of your life. You will kick start your retail knowledge with 2 weeks of interactive workshops where you will be inspired by great mentors and pick up new skills that set you apart from others seeking jobs. To practice these skills you will gain value from your 2 week work placement at a retail brand. 1 week remains to wrap it up and round out your skills in readiness for you to seek employment.

  • The Workshop

    Day by day you will find yourself building confidence through the engaging learning environment and practical activities. The aim is to give you three important things.

  • Vision
    Creating success in your mind is the first step and this comes through understanding what it takes to start a career in retail and sharing this with others who are just like you.

  • Skills
    The second step is to ensure you have the skills and confidence to be proficient in a role in retail and have great relationships with your team members and customers

  • Motivation
    Finally it is all about exposing you to environments and ideas that motivate you to generate your own success story

  • The Placement

    Getting hands on experience is the most important part of learning. Your job placement may be the first contact point with your future employer. You can expect three things to happen.

  • Find your fit
    Get introduced to a potential employer

  • Road test your skills
    Practice in a safe environment where the experts are there to help

  • Make an impression
    Capture the attention of others with the way you demonstrate your commitment to a career

What happens after

The path that you take from this program may be in a couple of directions, it is important to keep your options open but be in control of your future.

  • Jobs

    Direct employment from your job placement is a real possibility. Plus, your newly revamped CV and work experience will greatly increase your chances of finding employment.

  • Alternatives

    The skills you gain in the Retail Ready program are relevant to other industries as well. You can use this program to get the foundations and then make your choice about your next direction for employment.

A day in the workshop

The morning
Workshop Building Teams
  • 9 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Building teams
    We kick start each morning with perspectives that make retail teams successful. In retail we are totally reliant on others around us who work to common goals and standards.

  • 10:30 AM - 12 PM
  • Building foundational knowledge
    Our mornings are dedicated to investigating the functions that make a retail business tick. Through case studies we explore concepts and our role in retail, through talking about our experiences we share.

  • Workshop Building Confidence
  • 1 PM - 2 PM
  • Building your confidence
    Through engaged learning and role play we practice skills to give us confidence in communicating with others and mastering common job functions that are expected in retail.

  • Workshop Building Portfolio
  • 2 PM - 4 PM
  • Building your portfolio
    Through engaged learning and role play we practice skills to give us confidence in communicating with others and mastering common job functions that are expected in retail.

Step into the placement

A practical way to learn and find your first role in retail

Get a feel for the retail floor

Time to put the theory into practice. Things might feel different in this fast paced environment but you will soon come to love the energy of working on the retail floor.

The Placement On The Floor
  • The Placement Master Your CustomerMaster your customer

    Retail is all about the people - mastering connections with your customers and your team will be the most important part of your 2 weeks in work placement.

  • The Placment Discover Your Professional PersonalityDiscover your professional

    Taking all the empowerment skills you have gained in your workshop, the workshop is the time to show who you really are in an industry that values those that make an impression.

The Retail Ready Jobs Program is just what I needed to find an employer who was prepared to take a chance on me. I'll show them what I can do.

Jodie Gauci, Retail Ready Particpant

The Retail Ready Jobs Program is just what I needed to find an employer who was prepared to take a chance on me. Iíll show them what I can do.

Jodie Gauci, Retail Ready Particpant
Your questions answered

By former Retail Ready Particpants

  • I have read that there is a work placement, where do I go for this?
  • Your mentor talks to you about your interests and where you are best suited. You get to make some suggestions and they have good ideas as well. Some of the team even helped to organise their own placements where they wanted to be.

  • Am I going to get a job from the work placement?
  • Many of my group did really well at their work placement and did get a job. It really depends what you put in and how hard you work. Everyone wants you to get a job, but even if you don't get one through your placement it helps you to get one somewhere after.

  • What skills do I need as I have not worked in retail before?
  • Most of my group had not worked in retail before but all the skills we needed we got from the workshops and then the work placement helped us to be able to practice these.

  • I really didn't like school, why is this course going to be different?
  • Because the program is run by the Retail Institute, all of the learning is by people who have had great careers in retail. They are there to help you as a future retailer. It is nothing like school as this course it is really practical, gives you exactly the skills you need and you are well connected to get your first opportunity at a job.

  • Am I really going to be good enough to get a job at the end of this?
  • Being successful is more about your attitude than your skills. The training gives you the skills that you need but the best part is that you feel like you can be successful as you are surrounded by people who want to help.

  • What if I don't really want to stay in retail, is this course still useful?
  • There are heaps of really relevant skills that you get from the course that help in so many ways in life. Just getting up and coming every day to a positive place where you are valued and supported is the first great thing. There are many people who have got their first step in retail and used the skills in other ways.

Meet a Mentor Paul

Paul has over 15 years experience in leading and managing service & retail business across many markets throughout the world. Having managed small independent businesses including start up retail outlets Paul has expertise in Strategy, Merchandising, Operations, Sales & Marketing, and customer experience. Throughout his career, Paul has managed larger corporate businesses where he developed as an effective People Manager, and was recognized as an astute Sales Leader with a sound understanding of Sales Budgeting, Resource Allocation, Eventing, and High-End Service Standards.

Paul has worked across industry including Beauty, Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Allied Health, Street Apparel, Giftware's, and Salon.
Seen as a practical, relatable, and down-to-earth advocate of
retail best practice, Paul brings energy and enthusiasm to
all clients that he works with.p>

Work Here

You could find yourself working in so many different types of retailers. The first step is finding where you think you fit and what role you want to play. We can help you with that!

Your Future Employers

Here is some of our partner-retailers who participate
in the Retail Ready Jobs Program

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The 3 Steps to Retail Ready

  • 1Apply

    Make a start by providing your details and sharing a bit about you.

    Apply Now
  • 2We will assess
    your application

    You may be eligible for some funding for the program, with your application information we can determine what help you can receive.

  • 3You will be enrolled in
    a nearby workshop

    We run workshops in many locations around Australia. We will talk to you to understand what suits best.

What does it cost?
A: Nothing*

* If you meet specific criteria you will be supported to complete the program with some funding. If you do not meet these criteria we will discuss a plan on how you can best manage the expenses.

In conjunction with Federal Government employment support programs we aim to minimise your cost or even allow you access for no cost. It is important to us that every opportunity is provided for those who are committed to a career in retail to make a start with the Retail Ready Jobs Program.

What do you get?
  • 80 hours of training

  • One-on-one mentoring

  • Tailored job-ready CV

  • Direct relationship with retailers